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Cable vs. DIRECTV: DIRECTV always has a home-field advantage

No matter where your home is in Astoria, DIRECTV is available to 100% of houses in the U.S. As the undisputed leader in sports and the company that offers the most full-time HD channels, DIRECTV is pleased to provide access to channels and premium programs that you would never be able to get with your current basic cable provider.

When you have services like Time Warner and Charter, you could be missing out on great values with HD channels like:

  • ABC Family
  • Biography Channel
  • CMT
  • Cartoon Network™
  • CNBC
  • Cooking Channel™
  • ESPN 3D
  • MTV™
  • Nickelodeon®
  • NFL Network
  • NHL Network™
  • NBA TV
  • SyFy
  • Spike™
  • Tennis Channel
  • The Weather Channelâ„ 
  • Vh1™

DIRECTV has had higher customer satisfaction ratings than cable for 11 years, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Cable just can’t provide the customer satisfaction that DIRECTV gives to 50 million Americans every day.

Don’t settle for cable’s second-rate service another day. Call one of DIRECTV’s experienced representatives today to get the best service in your Astoria home from the best provider in the business.

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