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Die-hard football fans in Astoria can dust off their jerseys and get the grill roaring hot, because football is back and here to stay.

With the multitude of teams in and around New York – the Jets, Giants, Bills and Pats, to name a few – TV schedules can be hard to navigate with basic cable. Don’t rely on your cable provider to  make the right call – call your own shots by giving DIRECTV a call to see how you can get yourself a ticket to every stadium in the country, at no additional cost.

If you are a Jets fan wanting to watch their conference game against the Dolphins in Miami, and their game got bumped because the Giants are at home versus the Eagles, you don’t have to worry.  NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ broadcasts every single game, every single Sunday, all season long – no matter what.

DIRECTV will even add NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ to qualifying packages – at no extra charge.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ is your only pass to see every game from the comfort of your couch. So make the pass a touchdown, and give DIRECTV a call today.

Equipment upgrades

With all qualifying packages, you will receive a HD DVR and HD receiver upgrades at no extra cost to you. With your DVR, you can pause and rewind live TV, so even if Jeter is up to bat with the bases loaded, you won’t miss a single pitch when you are called upstairs to read your daughter a bedtime story.

Free installation

Having to install unfamiliar equipment and wires can be like trying to find your classes on the first day of school: slightly overwhelming.

Don’t be caught foundering when the bell rings.

When you have DIRECTV, every single package comes standard with free and professional installation, so you can relax knowing that everything will be done right – the first time around.

Local channels

Community is important for a tight-knight neighborhood like Astoria – DIRECTV knows that.

DIRECTV offers local channels in the vast majority of households nationwide. Just because you are choosing an advanced nationwide satellite provider doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the local programming in Astoria.

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